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                June 24, 2000

                  click on photo for larger view    

                   Artie and Jonathan before the vows

                                                       Jonathan and Samantha            Joelle and Christopher

                           Misty, Jessica, and Jennifer
                         Jaime , Dennis (left), and Rob (right))

                            THE VOWS

                          The "first" kiss


                                 Artie and Jaime with Reverend Holder
                                top: Jaime, Jenny, Jennifer, Misty, Jessica
                             bottom:  Samantha, and Joelle

                                 top: Jeff, Tom, Artie, Carl, Aaron,   
                              Bottom: Christopher

                                      Left to Right: Dennis, Rob, Bernell, Jaime,
                                   Artie, Margaret, Carl, Jennifer, Ruth, and Misty

                               Jaime, Artie, and Jonathan


                                                                       Bernell, Jaime, and Rob   Brandy, Geneva, Jaime, Dennis, Brad