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  Jonathan is growing more and more each day.  He definitely has his father's eyes.
 He knows how to use them too!  No matter what your mood is he always brings
 a smile to your face.  He loves "Toy Story" so of course he must have Buzz
 and Woody for Christmas.  He puts on his little cowboy hat and boots
before he watches "Toy Story"  and pretends he is Woody.   
He has also asked Santa for a baby brother,
but I explained to him that even Santa
 needed more time than a few weeks.  

  Jonathan is in Project Four now which is the same as pre-kinder garden.
 He is doing extremely well.  He is learning how to write his name now.
I am glad to say he LOVES school.  He enjoys spending time with
other children his age along with the interesting things pre K
has to offer to him.