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  I lead a relatively busy life myself, but have learned to enjoy every moment possible.  
I have been blessed with two beautiful step children and a wonderful husband.  
I spend a lot of my free time fixing up old photos or taking pictures
 either of family and friends, or scenes that strike me as beautiful.  
Pictures is one of my new found loves of life
(one I am proud to display on this web site).  
We have a wonderful home beside a lake and on a lot of evenings
 you will find me behind the house on a swing
watching the wild geese fly over and around the water.
The other half of my free time is spent writing
in my daily journal or thinking up a poem or two.   
   I grew up very close to my family.  I am proud to say I have kept
 (if not made stronger) that bond.  
That is one of my greatest accomplishments in life.
 I want my children to know this bond and share it with their children as well.
  I have two brothers (26 and 15) and three sisters (8,13,and 21).
 I know we gave our parents the time of their lives!  
    Artie and I hope to one day have another addition or two
 to the Makepeace family but until then we are
 content with our lives just how they are.